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I’m in Barcelona (my hometown) for work until mid September. Although I have been following the critical situation of Spain in the news, it is very different to read about it on the newspapers than to see that the stores in your street are closing, that a lot of your acquaintances are unemployed, and that the Catalan government is reducing the number of ambulances for emergencies and closing community health centres… If you want to undertand why the crisis has hitted Spain more than other European countries, watch this (in Spanish with English subtitles):


British Dressage press note

“The Equestrian” has been featured on the British Dressage website. You can read the press note HERE.


Music for “The Equestrian”

Tom Hunt is going to compose the soundtrack for “The Equestrian” More about Tom HERE.


Seeking casting assistant for a feature film

I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but I have some news: I am helping with the production of the movie “The Cosmonaut” (read older post), and we URGENTLY need a casting assistant/camera operator. Here is the information, feel free to share it:

Seeking casting assistant for a feature film

Dates: February 2, 3

Times: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Location: London

Duties: Operate camera (Canon 5D)

Pay: Expenses paid

Please send to: aledeleiva [at]

- “Casting Assistant” in Subject header of email

- 1-2 paragraphs introducing yourself

- Resume PDF or DOC file

More about the movie:

“The cosmonaut” tells the amazing story of the first Russian cosmonaut going to the Moon, getting lost in space for seven months and coming back to Earth… To find it completely empty.

“The Cosmonaut” was recently honored with a transmedia grant from the Spanish government and having raised the minimum amount needed for the shooting from private investors and crowfunding, we are shooting between April and June 2011.

“The Cosmonaut”

a feature film project by riot cinema collective

a creative commons & crowdfunding film experience