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First Spanish crowdfunded feature film

The Cosmonaut (El Cosmonauta) is a feature film project by Riot Cinema Collective. It’s the first  crowdfunded feature film in Spanish cinema to date. It’s also Creative Commons-licensed so that the viewers can gain access to all of the film’s assets to edit, remix and share them.

The story of The Cosmonaut takes place in 1975 and follows the first Russian cosmonaut sent on a mission to the moon. Unable to return to Earth, he is declared lost. However, through phantasmagoric radio transmissions he claims to have returned to Earth and found it deserted. As he broadcasts his illusions his presence and voice will slowly destroy the world of his beloved ones.

The project has already attracted a number of supporters from all over the world.

The project:

The cosmonaut project from Riot Cinema on Vimeo.


“El Cosmonauta” Teaser 1 (ESP) from Riot Cinema on Vimeo.

If you want to know more about the project, check their website HERE.


5 Facebook Tips For Filmmakers by Social Media Expert Linda Nelson

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