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Mapping the current practices in film literacy in Europe

From end of April to mid July 2012 I had the chance to do a work placement at the British Film Institute, as part of my MA in International Cultural Policy and Management from the University of Warwick. One of my tasks, together with a MA student from Birbeck University, was to assist with research for a report mapping the current practices in film literacy in Europe. The report is part of a series of research studies funded by the Media Literacy initiative of the European Commission. The core research team consisted of a consortium of the BFI, the Institute of Education (University of London) and the industry body Film Education. The aim of the research is to analyse the provision of film education in Europe in formal and informal education settings, covering all age groups, and provide recommendations on how to strengthen film education and better integrate film literacy in the MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe programme 2014-2020.

The final report will be published in 2013 on the European Commission’s website. Mark Reid (Head of Education, BFI) and Andrew Burn (Professor of Media Education, Institute of Education, University of London) have written an essay that provides a summary of key findings. The article is published in the Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy with the title “Screening Literacy: Reflecting on Models of Film Education in Europe” and can be read following this link.

The Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy is open access and can be downloaded here.

UPDATE (May 2013): Executive Summary of research + EU Recommendations published here.

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UPDATE (June 2013): Full report available on BFI’s website.