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ARTE looking for documentary series for prime time

From the European Documentary Network:

ARTE France has launched a call for proposals for a documentary series of 40 X 26 minutes. The series is to be broadcasted in prime time.

The intention with the prime time documentary series is to start broadcasting from the fall season of 2011.

Given the short time span for the series and to ensure the successful completion of the programs, ARTE France will consider to supply editorial and technical capacity to the production.

The call for projects will be closed December 22, 2010.

Feedback on submitted projects will provided from February 2011 after the submitted ideas have gone through evaluation at the ARTE GEIE Programs Conference.

Here you can read ARTE’s call.


European Commission’s public consultation on the future of the MEDIA Programme. Closing date: 30 November 2010

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the future of the EU Programme for the audiovisual sector. The findings of this consultation will inform the Commission’s proposal (planned to be made next year) for the new MEDIA Programme (period 2014 – 2020).

The consultation will remain open until 30 November 2010. You can participate as an individual  (a professional / a student of one of the MEDIA-funded trainig programmes such as Atelier Masterclass, EAVE, Berlinale Talent Campus, etc.), or on behalf of an organisation.

More details HERE.


Amazon launches film production studio

Amazon is making a foray into film production with Amazon Studios. They are now seeking full-length films and scripts from filmmakers and screenwriters. The website’s official statement reads: “It is the goal of Amazon Studios to produce new, full-budget theatrical films based on the best projects, and it will give Warner Bros Pictures first access to the projects Amazon Studios wishes to produce in co-operation with an outside studio.”

Find all the details on their website and on the official Twitter feed of Amazon Studios.


Power to the Pixel

Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum in association with the BFI London Film Festival, 12 – 15 October 2010

Be part of the Cross-Media Forum without buying a ticket, in fact without leaving your computer!  Watch the presentations online as they happen live and enjoy the full day of talks – click HERE.

How do the new ways that audiences are accessing and interacting with media change the way that stories are told, delivered and shared? How can powerful new tools and applications enable content creators – writers, directors, producers -  to reach far greater and diverse audiences? What are the new business and rights models that are emerging?  Who are the new stakeholders, financiers and partners of cross-media stories?

Power to the Pixel presents a day of keynotes, candid case studies and presentations from an array of world-class experts who are working at the vanguard of cross-media content creation, production and finance.


Good news for the Spanish Film industry, at last

The economic crisis and piracy are affecting Spanish film unlike other countries. Finance is shrinking: the Spanish Film Institute (ICAA) has been forced to half its funding for film projects. What’s more, Spain’s new General Audiovisual Law (March 2010) reduces TV operators’ film investment obligations from 5% to 3% of revenues. On top of it all, as discussed at the film finance conference held in Madrid in July, access to bank credit facilities is limited.  Unlike in Germany and France, bank gap financing remains rare in Spain, not to talk about private investors.

The good news is that the major Spanish public broadcaster, TVE (Televisión Española) has increased its investment in films by 20% to €43m for 2010 and will continue its film sales activities, financing 44 films for theatrical release (11 more than in 2009).

Read more HERE (in Spanish).


Good Pitch UK – Good news!

Last Friday I attended the Good Pitch UK as an observer. It was an uplifting day! I look forward to seeing the finished films: powerful, amazing human stories that want to change the world.

The 8 projects pitched were chosen by the Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation and the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program. You can read the synopsis HERE.

The other good news are that the sports brand PUMA has partnered with the Britdoc Foundation to launch a documentary film fund. The initiative is designed to provide financial support, creative counsel and industry recognition to international documentary filmmakers whose creative storytelling highlights social justice, peace or environmental issues. More info on the Britdoc’s site and on Puma’s website.

Kudos to the Britdoc team and to PUMA!


First Spanish crowdfunded feature film

The Cosmonaut (El Cosmonauta) is a feature film project by Riot Cinema Collective. It’s the first  crowdfunded feature film in Spanish cinema to date. It’s also Creative Commons-licensed so that the viewers can gain access to all of the film’s assets to edit, remix and share them.

The story of The Cosmonaut takes place in 1975 and follows the first Russian cosmonaut sent on a mission to the moon. Unable to return to Earth, he is declared lost. However, through phantasmagoric radio transmissions he claims to have returned to Earth and found it deserted. As he broadcasts his illusions his presence and voice will slowly destroy the world of his beloved ones.

The project has already attracted a number of supporters from all over the world.

The project:

The cosmonaut project from Riot Cinema on Vimeo.


“El Cosmonauta” Teaser 1 (ESP) from Riot Cinema on Vimeo.

If you want to know more about the project, check their website HERE.


UKFC drama intensifies

(18 August): Update about the abolition of the UKFC. Read the full article HERE.

(21 August): Pact outlines future of film without UK Film Council. Full article HERE.


Financing and Investment in Film Production in Spain

Some days ago, I published a post about a seminar that took place in Madrid on July 1 entitled “A New Perspective on Financing and Investment in Film Production in Spain”. Cineuropa announces today that a large quantity of documentation on the different talks given at the seminar has been published.

Read the full article (with links to the documentation and to several websites) HERE.

Watch the videos of the speeches (some in Spanish, some in English) HERE.


UK Film Council to be abolished


Read the full article HERE. Follow the discussion HERE.