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Power to the Pixel

Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum in association with the BFI London Film Festival, 12 – 15 October 2010

Be part of the Cross-Media Forum without buying a ticket, in fact without leaving your computer!  Watch the presentations online as they happen live and enjoy the full day of talks – click HERE.

How do the new ways that audiences are accessing and interacting with media change the way that stories are told, delivered and shared? How can powerful new tools and applications enable content creators – writers, directors, producers -  to reach far greater and diverse audiences? What are the new business and rights models that are emerging?  Who are the new stakeholders, financiers and partners of cross-media stories?

Power to the Pixel presents a day of keynotes, candid case studies and presentations from an array of world-class experts who are working at the vanguard of cross-media content creation, production and finance.