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The Parable of the Tuileries or Why the Economy of Culture Has Its Own Rules

In the present economic climate, the cultural sector is under greater pressure than ever to justify its existence in terms of economic profitability. I’ve just seen an instructive and delightful animated short film, La parabole des Tuileries ou pourquoi l’économie de la culture a ses propres règles (The Parable of the Tuileries or Why the Economy of Culture Has Its Own Rules) that was posted a while back on Le Monde‘s website. The film illustrates three economic principles (Positive Externality, Marginal Utility and the Multiplier Effect) to justify subsidization of cultural goods and services. It’s well worth a watch:

You can watch the original French version HERE.


Manifesto of the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign “we are more”

Dear friends,

National governments and EU policymakers are currently taking decisions on the next EU budget that will influence the next ten years of support to cultural activities that benefit everyone who lives in Europe.

Now is the time to make our voices heard! I just showed that I care about this issue by signing the manifesto of the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign we are more.

Act for culture in Europe and sign the we are more manifesto now:

Best wishes.


Save the Arts Campaign

Save the Arts Campaign, against the cuts in culture funding in the UK. Sign the petition HERE.