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My name is Alejandra. I’m a lifelong learner and a curious mind at large. Wanderlust has led me to have studied and worked in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the UK.

I majored in Humanities with specialization in Literature in Spain, my country of origin, and did an Erasmus stay in France. After obtaining my degree, I did a Master’s in Documentary Film, collaborated in several short films and documentaries on the production side, and worked as a documentalist researcher for a non profit organisation, conducting a historical research project (further details on my CV).

In 2008 I was awarded a scholarship to pursue an inter-university postgraduate programme specialized in international production and distribution, which involved constant travel between Germany and France, and the attendance to several film festivals (Angers, the Berlinale and Cannes –where I did a work placement at the Marché du Film-). I also got to know the nuts and bolts of film distribution thanks to my internship at an international film sales agency in London. In Germany, I co-produced a short film that was shown in several film festivals and in cinemas, that you can watch here.

After that, I went to live to the UK, where I worked as a freelance producer for several documentary projects. Additionaly, I took an event producer job in Spain to organise an international congress.  I then decided to broaden my understanding and knowledge of cultural management, so in 2011-2012 I took a MA in International Cultural Policies and Management at the University of Warwick and worked as a research intern at the British Film Institute.

I now work as a Project Manager for a non profit foundation in Spain devoted to diabetes mellitus research and the medical humanities. My interest in diabetes stems from my long family history of the disease.

You can refer to my CV or my Linkedin profile for further information on my education and a description of the positions I have previously held. I speak fluent Spanish, English, French, Italian and Catalan.

This is my personal blog, and it’s for sharing things that I find interesting  and that keep me curious (I also share things that I find relevant on Twitter).

Thanks for reading! I welcome your comments!


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