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“Nuit Blanche” (short film)

I have come across this poetic short film directed by Arev Manoukian, “Nuit Blanche”. The plot is very simple (two strangers exchanging glances in the street), but it’s beautifully told.  The film was shot entirely in slow-motion to recreate the moment of “love at first sight” where every second seems suspended in time.

Manoukian declined to name other movies or filmmakers as influences, but when I watched it, I could not help but thinking of Dostoevsky’s short story”White Nights”. The text opens with a beautiful quotation by Turguenev:

“And was it his destined part
Only one moment in his life
To be close to your heart?
Or was he fated from the start
to live for just one fleeting instant,
within the purlieus of your heart.”

For more information about technical aspects, read this article on WIRED magazine.

Here’s the making of:



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